Online Running Fitness Certification: Learn at Your Own Pace

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

Help clients improve their running technique and develop your own fitness career and prospects.  

Running is a cornerstone of the fitness industry and it is part of many different activities. You run during Bootcamp fitness, you run in a triathlon, you run when playing basketball, you run when performing general fitness. Running is one of the most basic forms of fitness and is one of the most popular methods of exercise for many individuals. Running doesn't require any special equipment (unless you are using a treadmill) and anyone can participate in running if they have the time and space.

Despite its popularity and the amount of people who run, there are still many individuals who have a poor running technique and are not using their body to its full potential. This group of people could benefit greatly from a personal trainer who is certified in running instruction. As a running instructor, you can teach people how to run correctly, and how to improve their breathing, stride, gait, etc.

The American Sports and Fitness Association® offers an online running fitness certification that allows you to do exactly this. You can learn at your own pace (see the pun?) and study from the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you do not have to travel to a test center and can complete the final examination using your Smartphone, Laptop or PC. If you are looking for a convenient certification process, there is no better choice.

Aside from the ease of completion, this certification is also highly beneficial and relevant. You will learn a host of skills concerning running and will develop your knowledge of running techniques, breathing control and cardio. Once certified, you can have the confidence that you can improve your clients running techniques, while also developing their stamina and fitness. If you are looking to boost your fitness career and improve your client’s running performance, ASFA’s Running Fitness Instruction certification is the right choice for you!

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

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