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Mat Pilates exercises are Pilates exercises that are performed on a mat instead of on Pilates machines. The Pilates movement is still very similar. The results and benefits of both styles of Pilates are the same as well. There are small advantages to Mat Pilates that are more beneficial to the client than Pilates that are done on machines.

Core training Pilates is more difficult when performed on a mat. You have to engage more muscle groups in the core region to keep stability and control. Engaging these muscles mean you are burning more calories than having the assistance of a machine. You are using your own body weight as resistance. Strength and flexibility are built faster when more muscles groups are being used at one time.

Another advantage to Mat Pilates is the moves are easier to follow along. It is difficult getting used to new equipment and sometimes requires more assistance and guidance from the instructor. Mat Pilates for all includes all fitness levels and ages. Anyone can grab a mat and follow along. Of course, you can modify any of the exercises as needed. You won’t need a separate instructional lesson on how to use the machines when performed on a mat.

Another advantage to Pilates performed on a mat is you can take your workout anywhere! When you use a machine, you are limited to private studios and a small group of health club chains that have them. You cannot do the exercises at home or on vacation. When you perform them on a mat, you have the greatest flexibility to take your workout to any location you want to. Go be inspired with nature and practice mat Pilates in a park or on a trail. You don’t have to limit yourself to a health club or studio.

Mat Pilates are performed without the use of a Pilates machines. Using more muscles and burning higher number of calories makes mat Pilates a well-loved exercise class. Having a greater ease to follow along and having the flexibility to practice your Pilates anywhere makes it a fun workout for all.

Mat Pilates Certification

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