Indoor Cycling Certification: Get Your Pedaling On!

Indoor Cycling Certification
It's Winter.  It's cold.  What should you do for cardio?  What class can you hold that will keep your clients' attention, motivate them to burn calories and is not weather dependent?  Indoor Cycling of course!  From beginner to extreme cycling class, cycling is a low-impact exercise that has a high caloric burn and is just plain fun!  Almost everyone knows the basics, because almost everyone can ride a bike.  So, why not learn a new skill and hold some classes that are fun, beneficial and not weather dependent?!
Indoor Cycling is a great way to burn calories, stay motivated and even possibly make some friends!  If you are looking for the next step in your fitness career and the cold weather has gotten you down, you should consider specializing in Indoor Cycling.  Bootcamps are fun, but seasonal.  You will need some intense cardio for the bootcamp down season and I bet by now you can guess what that will be!
Indoor Cycling Certification
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