Group Fitness: The Most Bang for Your Client's Buck!

Group Fitness Certification

Group Fitness: Optimizing Results, Time and Income


Personal fitness training is an extremely viable business venture. In today’s world, fitness has become extremely important. We are increasingly aware of the different health implications we are faced with, and the important of keeping fit and healthy. More and more people are getting gym memberships and attending fitness classes. As you can see, the scope for business is great, however as a personal trainer, how do you maximize your income? How can you optimize your fitness classes and make them as profitable as possible? A viable way to do this is to teach group fitness classes. These classes will help you to gain a greater income as you will be teaching a greater number of clients per hour.  Also, you will be providing a value-added service to potential clients that can’t afford personal training. It’s a Win-Win situation! The clients pay less and you make more. Group Fitness isn’t for everyone (just like one-on-one training isn’t). But, every personal trainer should also be qualified to teach group fitness. That is why most of us got into the field – to help as many people as possible in the most effective way possible. Some people need individual interaction and attention and other thrive of the social group dynamic. As a fitness professional, you should be qualified for both!

ASFA® provides a Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction Certification. This certification is extremely popular and industry-relevant. All of ASFA’s qualifications are widely recognized and will help to increase your reputation as well as teaching you a host of valuable skills. The Group Fitness/Bootcamp Instruction certification will provide you with you need to know about group fitness. You will learn a plethora of useful skills, and a myriad of techniques. These skills will have practical applications in the new group fitness classes that you develop.

Group fitness is such a fantastic activity. The benefits to both your clients, and your own personal development and career are tangible. To be the best, you must attain the best certifications. ASFA® provides the most accessible straightforward certifications hands down. Once certified you will be able to optimize your time and income, and get involved in a more rewarding career path. Get certified today and take your career to the next level!

Group Fitness Certification

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