Exercise Apps - Effective or Hype?

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Technology has been used in the fitness industry more than ever as new apps get released to help exercisers stay fit and benefit the most from their training. Are exercise apps really necessary for success? Consistency in workouts is going to be the key to finding the greatest success.

Exercise apps are great for compiling information if you are not one to keep a journal consistently updated. The collected data can be beneficial when training for a specific goal. It can show you if you have made improvements towards your goal or if you need to work harder in specific areas of your training. Exercise apps were designed for the general population based on generic standards. Each person has different numbers to go by. If you keep this in mind as a general guideline, it can be useful as an electronic tracker or database of personal information that you can use to guide yourself. If you are consistent with a journal, you can write down specific numbers and workouts that have been created or designed by your coach or trainer. Some apps will allow you to fill in specific numbers of your own too so you can have more accurate feedback when you compile your data. Is an exercise app necessary for success in your sport? Not at all, but tracking your training info and making amendments to your training plans based on your data will help you reach your goals. If a paper journal is something that works for you, then continue to use it. Exercise Apps can enhance your journal by creating graphs and charts that are easy to view.

Many people will use an electronic app to track their food intake and calories as well. Again, this is a great guideline for people who like having the ability to track things electronically and have access to charts and graphs. It can also add numbers in a flash and take the guess work out of how many calories you need and how many you have left if you track your foods.

Many different apps are available and they vary vastly based on what your needs are. If you are looking to collect your data electronically using an exercise app, be sure to research to see what is available and ask yourself what exactly you are looking for with an app. Getting one that has too many options can often be too confusing to keep up with and then you will not use it consistently or be able to benefit for it. Some apps are interactive so you can help give and receive encouragement from your friends and exercise groups and/or trainers.

Exercise apps can be beneficial when striving for a specific goal or for specific training. They are not necessary for success in your sport, but do provide beneficial data and graphs if used consistently. This information can help you track progress or give you an insight on where changes need to be made.

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