Cycling Certification: Cycling to Fitness!

Indoor Cycling Certification

How to Make the Most of this Challenging Sport

Cycling is a challenging sport that requires a great deal of physical strength, determination, discipline, and training. It is also a fun sport that doesn’t require a great deal of setup – All you need is an exercise bike or a standard bike, and you are ready to go! Many individuals and athletes enjoy cycling and it is often considered a more relaxed and therapeutic form of exercise. To tap into the potential that cycling offers, you should consider taking ASFA’s Cycling Instruction Certification. This certification allows you to offer cycling classes to you clients or freelance as a cycling instructor to gyms and fitness establishments.

While most people may think, cycling is easy (it's just riding a bike, why would I need training for that?!), it is more involved. You must consider your leg muscles, endurance, cardio stamina, and cycling technique. A certified cycling trainer can teach clients all about the techniques and skills and help them become a better cyclist.

 An ASFA® online certification in Cycling can be supremely beneficial for you as a personal fitness trainer – Firstly, you will develop a greater understanding of this activity and how it affects your body (extra knowledge is always a plus in this industry!). Secondly, you will be able to offer cycling classes and instruction to your existing clients. And finally, you should be able to appeal to a greater range of new clients due to your improved knowledge, certification, and the wider range of activities and classes you can now offer!  

Cycling Instruction Certification

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