Best Senior Fitness Certification – Change a Life

Senior fitness certification is a specialty instructor certificate that personal trainers can obtain to work with older adults and other jobs in fitness industry fields.  Fitness is just as important for seniors as it is for the younger generation of athletes. Fitness can be used to help seniors stay active, social, and independent. Simple fitness exercises for seniors can improve functional fitness, mobility, and stability. Senior fitness certification teaches you how fitness for older individuals varies from other fitness groups as well as common problems and concerns many seniors face today. 

As we age, our bone health naturally decreases and bones can become weaker and more brittle putting us at a higher risk for osteoporosis. Doing light resistance training with light weights is a great way for seniors to help protect their bones and support healthy bone mass. Participating in aquatic fitness or water aerobics is another way that seniors can help build fitness safely. The natural resistance of the water is perfect for strengthening, conditioning, and toning. Water can turn a high-impact exercise into a low-impact exercise, allowing seniors to work hard safely without increasing their risk of injury.  

Functional fitness is a big topic for senior fitness.  Functional fitness helps seniors with daily activities such as sitting, standing, climbing stairs, and walking.  Sitting core exercises can be done in a chair or while sitting on an exercise ball to build core strength and stability. Having a strong core builds stability which helps lessen the risk of falling for seniors. A strong core can also help to alleviate chronic lower back pain due to poor posture.  Functional fitness training helps seniors remain independent and improves the quality of their life.

Personal trainers who specialize in senior fitness can work at a gym or health club, a doctor’s office, a physical therapy office, senior center, or have online remote training sessions with senior clients. Skills needed to be a trainer for seniors can be obtained with senior fitness certifications. Online senior fitness certification makes it easy for any busy trainer to continue their education into a field of specific interest for a rewarding career in health and fitness.

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