Becoming a Yoga Instructor: The Next Step for Your Career

 Yoga Certification

Specializing in Yoga for Your Clients’ Long-Term Benefit

Yoga is both a physical, mental and spiritual practice that is proven to offer many benefits to the body and mind. With origins dating back as far as the fifth century BC, Yoga has been widely used by millions of people worldwide. It is now a hugely popular fitness and wellness activity and is actively practiced in many cultures and nations. Although its roots and origins are steeped in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, it is now used a method of keeping fit and healthy. An ASFA® certification in Yoga Instruction can help you take the next step in your career.

Yoga classes are conducted by an instructor. This instructor will teach his/her students different Yoga techniques and positions such as the Lotus and the Halasana (plow pose). They will also teach breathing techniques and meditation to aid relaxation. The career of a yoga instructor is an extremely fulfilling one as you will be helping many improve the condition of their life. Stretching and flexibility have always been emphasized by fitness instructors – so, why not get certified and teach Yoga classes in addition to your main fitness business. Many fitness professionals actively do this and gain certifications in a variety of disciplines to widen their knowledge and customer base.

With ASFA’s Yoga certification, you will learn about the history, and practical application of Yoga. ASFA’s certification is based online and is extremely convenient to complete. Once certified, you will be able to add "Yoga Instructor" your skill set and expand your ability and knowledge in fitness instruction.

Yoga Certification

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