Balance Training: Using Accessories

Balance and Stability Instruction Certification
Balance and stability training does not require accessories...  but, they do help!  Below is a list of several commonly used accessories that can help you with your balance and stability training routine:
1.)  Stability Ball.  Core stability is paramount to good posture and balance.  
2.)  Chair.  Though it is a common household item, having a chair for your client to lean on frees you to move around the client and better observe his/her form.
3.)  Cones.  Placing cones for different movement patterns can help clients with situational awareness and mobility. 
4.)  Agility Ladder.  The agility ladder is most commonly used to improve the balance and agility of athletes.  However, it is a viable tool for almost any age group to improve lateral coordinated movement.  It can be walked slowly.  There is no requirement to use it the same way for a senior as you would for a young athlete.
We hope that you can implement these accessories into your balance and stability routine.  Whether you are training seniors for quality of life or athletes for performance - balance is always necessary and can always be improved.

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