ASFA's Dance & Hip-hop Certification in Review

Dance/Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification

What makes this relevant dance certification such a credible and worthwhile qualification?  

Dance is a great form of exercise and provides numerous benefits. Hip-hop is an extremely popular form of dance and has captured the spirit and creativity of generations of dancers since the late 1960's. Pioneers of the hip-hop dance movement introduced us to popping, locking and breaking and gave a style of dance that had never been seen before. This amazing form of energetic dance continues to be a popular activity today and many people enjoy hip-hop dance classes to maintain their fitness. Hip-hop dance involves a great deal of complicated and fluid movements in all parts of your body and really does give you a fantastic workout. Your stamina, flexibility, muscle strength and resilience should all improve significantly.

As a fitness professional, or as a lover of dance, ASFA®'s dance/hip-hop instruction certification can be a great way to expand your career, and participate in an activity you will thoroughly enjoy. This online certification will provide you with the basics of hip-hop dance and information about its history, evolution, and the types of moves involved. You will learn a whole host of practical skills that you can teach your classes and knowledge that will improve your own understanding of this dance genre. You will also learn some general information about dancing as an art and a fitness activity, and how it can help our fitness. If you love to dance, or simply want to expand your fitness instruction repertoire, this is the qualification for you.

ASFA® certifications are straightforward and can be completed online. You can study in a stress-free environment, and take the examination only when you feel ready. Once certified, you will be able to offer hip-hop dance classes as part of your program, and appeal to a wider range of clients.

Dance/Hip-Hop Aerobics Certification

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