ASFA® Yoga Certification – Pose to Perfection

ASFA® Yoga Certification
ASFA's Yoga certification is a great way to expand your knowledge and skill-set in the fitness industry!  Just think about all of the personal trainers in your gym.  How many of them really know stretching?  Now take that small sub-set and think about how many of them know Yoga poses and breathing techniques.  If the answer is less than the number of fingers you have on one hand, then you know what your gym needs!  Most personal trainers don't know more about yoga than that is involves stretches, stances and breathing.  Are you one of them?  
Fitness instruction is all about providing your client the results that he/she wants.  Who in your gym can help your clients with yoga, body-centering, breathing techniques, stretching stances, etc?  The next question is obvious.  Why isn't that person you!?
ASFA® Yoga Certification

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