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Are you looking for ASFA® discounts?  Have you been waiting on a coupon to purchase?  Maybe you are a consistent customer who is waiting for a new discount to re-test and renew older certifications.  If any of these are the case, you should join our fitness professionals mailing list.  You will learn about ASFA® news and new trends.  Also, we will recommend certifications to help you stay busy during the slow season for gyms.
Whether you are a new buyer who is looking to expand your knowledge with specialty qualifications, or you are a return buyer who is looking for a deal - joining our mailing list is the right move.  We send out newsletter on the first of the month each month.  But, don't worry, we won't send you 15 emails per month.  We will only send your relevant industry-related emails.  And, of course, coupons!
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