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ASFA® Certifications
At ASFA® we do our best to ensure the quality and convenience of our certifications.  From a mobile friendly website to a test at your own pace business model, we try hard to make fitness qualifications affordable and convenient.  We tailor our certifications to fitness professionals who are trying to expand and specialize their skill-set.  Knowledge is power.  And, the more you know, the better your clients' results should be!  A basic Personal Training of Group Fitness Instruction certification is great - but, isn't it time you stepped up your credibility with specialized qualifications.  Why settle for just the basic?  Basic certifications are an essential building block, but if you were a client - who would you choose?  Would you choose a trainer with one basic qualification or a trainer with one basic qualification and four additional specialty certifications?
The answer is obvious.  So, what are you waiting for?  Invest in yourself!  Invest in your skill-set!  Invest in your credibility!  Start studying for your next certification today!
ASFA® Certifications
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