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ASFA® Certifications

Expand your personal fitness business into new areas with a ASFA®!  

In the world of professional fitness training, most instructors must have a basic level of qualification enter the industry. While first-hand experience and learning on the job can get you through to a certain degree, actual credible certifications go a long way to ensuring that your service is relevant and useful. Learning specific skills and fitness activities will ensure that you have practical knowledge that you can use to create your own fitness classes and routines. Furthermore, you will have real insight and tips that you can pass on to your customers to help their own personal development.

Each ASFA® certification is based online. You can study from the comfort of your own home, and take the examination using your PC, Laptop, tablet or even your Smartphone. There is no need to travel to a test center or enter the pressured environment of an examination room. ASFA® certifications also offer practical skills that have real application to your business. You will not simply study to pass an exam; You will study to develop your knowledge of a specific subject. Once certified, you can have the confidence that your certification will provide you with a tangible use for your fitness business.

Some of the certifications you can take include Master level personal training, Yoga instruction, Bootcamp fitness training, Pilates instruction, Senior fitness instruction, Water aerobics and Youth fitness training. As you can see, most of our certifications are highly specialized, and once ASFA® certified, you will become the master of the subject. Specialize today with ASFA®!

ASFA® Certifications


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