Get ASFA® Certified and HPSO Insured: Partnering to Provide Liability Insurance for Fitness Professionals

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ASFA® is Partnered with HPSO to Provide Insurance to Certified Fitness Professionals

Whether you need personal training insurance, yoga insurance or group fitness instruction insurance, ASFA® has your solution.  We work hard to be sure that you have the tools you need to make your fitness career most productive and effective.  ASFA® is partnered, endorsed and affiliated with many leaders in the fitness industry (such as Human Kinetics, HPSO, and more!).  Of course, ASFA® recommends that all fitness professionals carry liability insurance.  That is why we have partnered with HPSO (Healthcare Providers Service Network).  HSPO is the largest healthcare providing insurance company in the nation!  ASFA® certified professionals have their own page that they can access through the link on our partners page (HPSO/ASFA® affiliate link).  If you are looking for a quality qualification and insurance that you can take online at your own convenience and then receive insurance for -- ASFA® is your answer!

If you are Personal Training Certified, Yoga Certified or anything in between, ASFA® and HPSO have your covered!  One questions that we receive often is, "Can I get liability insurance with your certification?"  The answer is 'YES'.  Getting certified gets your foot in the door and qualifies you to instruct, but some gyms and independent studios require insurance.  Are you ready?  Get Certified!  Get Insured!  Get your career moving in the right direction with ASFA® and HPSO today!

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ASFA® is endorsed by leaders in the fitness industry. Please check out our endorsements and partners page for more information!

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