ASFA® Certifications: Legitimize Your Resume

ASFA® Certifications
Legitimizing your fitness resume and portfolio is no easy task.  Clients are reliant on you to assist them with their physical well-being.  That is a significant responsibility!  Keeping up-to-date with your skill-set and on the cutting-edge of the fitness industry isn't just what you should be doing - it's what you need to be doing!  ASFA® offers speciality and advanced level certifications to help you legitimize your place as a top trainer in the industry. 
As a fitness professional, you realize that fitness and exercise trends aren't always what they seem.  Some trends can have long lasting positive effects.  While others, might be good for some populations, but certainly are not for others.  For example, if one of your more frail clients were to ask about pursuing a cool new exercise video series that he/she just saw on Plyometrics for fitness...  what would you say?  Of course, you would have to be knowledgeable and informative.  Now, think if a client who is a competitive athlete asked about the same video.  Your answer would be just as accurate, but completely different.
ASFA® offers speciality and advanced certifications to help you legitimize your skill-set to provide the best possible service.  So, the next time someone asks, "Are the trainers here legit?", you can pull out your fitness resume and show them exactly what specialities that you have studied!  
To see our speciality and advanced level certifications, just click the link below.
ASFA® Certifications
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