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ASFA® Certifications
Here is what fitness professionals just like you are saying about ASFA®!
"American Sports and Fitness Association® has provided the tools necessary to enrich my knowledge base and remain on the cutting edge of exercise techniques in a tremendously dynamic and competitive field. ASFA® offers an impressive arsenal of programs from Sports Nutrition to Kettlebell Training. Not only have I used these programs to educate myself but my staff as well. It has become a critical tool in our trainer development systems.

The ASFA programs have been carefully constructed to offer comprehensive educational platforms for continued professional growth. The programs are unique to any other in the attention to detail, design continuum and progressive approach. I will continue to educate myself with these intricately designed systems of education and advocate the utilization of ASFA® to committed fitness professionals worldwide!

Thank you ASFA®!"

Tom T.

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ASFA® Certifications
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