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The American Sports and Fitness Association® community is ever-expanding. Daily, more and more fitness professionals are realizing the benefits of ASFA® certifications and how they can boost your career prospects. ASFA® is a renowned organization in the fitness industry and is responsible for the creation and distribution of a myriad of specialized fitness certifications. These certifications include Master level personal training, Self-defense instruction, Water aerobics instruction, Dance/hip-hop dance fitness instruction, Yoga instruction, Balance and stability training and more. From this list, you can see that there is an abundance of choices and that you can truly carve a niche for yourself through these individual certifications. 

Why ASFA®? Firstly, each certification will provide you with a whole host of useful information and skills. This knowledge will have practical applications in your fitness business. You will be able to use the material to better your career and improve your fitness service. Secondly, as ASFA® has certified many thousands of fitness professionals, you will realize the benefits industry recognition and credibility for you qualifications. You will become a recognized instructor in the industry and should notice an increase in customers. Finally, these certifications are all based online. You can study online, and take the examination online. What could be more convenient? There is no stressful test environment and no need to travel or take time away from your business. You can simply study when you like, and take the examination when you feel 100% comfortable and ready! What are you waiting for? Start your certifications today!

ASFA® Certifications

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