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Martial Arts Fitness Instruction

The American Sports and Fitness Association® is proud to offer the Martial Arts Fitness Instruction certification.  In the fitness industry, there are always trends and fads.  But, martial arts, has been around for over a thousand years.  In true definition, there has always been some form of martial arts and martial training for militaries, police and others.  Though there are many styles and origins of martial arts, they all have several key factors in common.  The most prevalent of these factors is the physical conditioning required to complete or participate in combative and martial methods.  ASFA® offers the Martial Arts Fitness instructor certification to help assist those who are fitness professionals with a specified need to teach fighting arts.  Whether you are instructing martial arts classes or police/military, physical fitness is of the utmost importance.

In the last decade, martial arts popularity has skyrocket with the advent of mixed martial arts televised coverage.  Now, many athletes make their living by competing in mixed martial arts.  Much like more main-stream sports such as baseball and basketball, martial arts competition is receiving a great deal of media coverage and attention.  The question is:  What does this mean to you and your career as a fitness professional?

The answer is simple.  The more popular martial arts become, the more demand there is for martial arts specific conditioning.  Now, martial arts conditioning is not only sought out by military and police forces, but by enthusiasts who wish to compete in martial arts or just love watching the competition.  Maybe it is time for you to think about specializing in martial arts fitness.  Maybe it is time to become a Martial Arts Fitness Instructor.

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