Master Trainer - Your Next Challenge

The title Master Trainer is bestowed only on those who have taken the next steps in their fitness careers.  Most jobs require a certificate to work as a personal trainer.  However, once you are in the door, you are competing for clients with every other certified personal trainer that works at your place of employment.  The question you should ask yourself is:  'What makes a client choose me?'

In many cases, the answer is simple.  Clients tend to choose the most qualified trainer for their needs.  If you specialize in sports, then you might not be chosen by an elderly client.  If you specialize in senior fitness, then you might not be chosen by an athlete.  So, what should you specialize in?  There are so many niche markets, that specializing in all of them is very time intensive.  ASFA recommends moving from personal trainer to advanced trainer and/or master trainer.  By advancing your credentials in a broader area, you may distinguish yourself as a master trainer and obtain more clients in niche markets.

Of course, specializing in niche markets by continuing your education in specialty fields is a very valuable tool.  Still, to distinguish yourself first as a master of your craft in the broader field of personal training and then continue on to specialty niche markets can be invaluable for your marketing and education.

Is it time for you to take the next step in your fitness career?  Is it time for you to become a master of your craft?


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