Solutions for Exercise Induced Back Pain.

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

Back pain can often put a crimp in your exercise program. It can also be an indication of more serious problems. You may see some possibilities in the article Solutions for Exercise – Induced Back Pain by Dr. Marybeth Crane. The following in an excerpt:

“Back pain can be an indicator of a serious problem and can lead to a cascading injury that slows your running to a complete halt! Muscular back pain is the most common and can be annoying and complicated to treat due to the myriad of causes. If you have severe pain, seek medical attention immediately. If your pain is mild and seems to be directly related to your running, look to your feet as a possible contributor to you pain.”

Have you had client's that have experienced back pain after running?  Perhaps their gait is off.  Maybe their stride is incorrect.  Can you identify the problem?  Check out our Running Fitness Certification today and learn how to improve run economy, gait, posture, identifying running errors and more!

Running Fitness Instruction Certification

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