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Most trainers know that diet is half the battle. If your client is trying to get lean, he/she can workout as hard as he/she wants, but without a proper diet – it probably won’t happen. For many weightlifters and former athletes, the working out is the easy part. Working out is what they have done for many years and have come to love. The problem is the diet. As these clients age, their metabolic rate slows and workouts alone are not enough. Maybe it is time for you to continue your education through a Sports Nutrition certification.

As the New Year’s rush clients have been flooding into gyms across the nation, the number one request is to lose weight. Many of these clients don’t workout or haven’t worked out for many years. Of course, every fitness professional would like to see them on consistent workout routines, but you can’t start them off with difficult extremely strenuous activity due to their lack of conditioning. Instead, you will have to gradually work them into a workout that is right for that person. At the same time, that client will want to see results. He/she will probably want to see weight loss fast. Are these results attainable? They are if he/she has a proper diet. If you are a personal trainer already and you know that ‘diet is half of the battle’, then why aren’t you also a sports nutritionist?

ASFA® makes continuing your education in the fitness industry convenient. Take your Sports Nutritionist independent study course and exam online - from the convenience of your own home. If you were a client looking to lose weight, wouldn’t you want a personal trainer who was also a Sports Nutritionist?

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