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Indoor cycling is deemed by many to be a popular choice amongst those looking for a viable alternative to biking outdoors, especially during the cold winter season.  It’s not just considered to be an ideal winter cardio based work out but indoor cycling can be beneficial in other areas as well.  Indoor cycling has been known to support strengthening of specific muscle groups, such as quadriceps and hamstrings - promoting muscular endurance.  Another benefit each individual client enjoys is the choice they have to work out at the desired level of intensity that suits their fitness needs best.   Certain people prefer a moderate aerobic intensity level of working out while others want to take it a step further.   Another key factor is safety.  It’s vital that a client’s positioning and posture is correct to further prevent the risk of injury. 

With an indoor cycling certification provided by ASFA®, a personal trainer can steer a client in the right direction to achieve these set goals in a safe and efficient manner, while focusing on building a stronger client base.  An indoor cycling certification can help a personal trainer reach out to a specific niche market that continues to expand in addition to providing you with the opportunity to further polish your resume with this relevant skill set that continues to be one of the most important in today’s fitness world.  ASFA® the indoor cycling certification program that can help improve your marketability and appeal to either clients or potential employers by showcasing your knowledge and expertise in core areas such as organization of your class and technique execution.  With proper organization, a personal trainer can set up a high intensity indoor cycling session or class targeting a client’s specific needs or goal.

The ASFA® indoor cycling certification provides you with an increased awareness of a client’s need and the motivational factors used to help that client achieve desired results by demonstration of proper technique.   The ASFA® indoor cycling certification independent study exam is readily available online at your convenience.  You can study at a pace that best suits you from the comfort of your own home and take the ASFA® online exam at the time when you feel ready.  After you receive your certification as an instructor, keeping your classes engaging should be one of your primary objectives.  You can learn how to emphasize proper technique, heart rate and/or power training and use it in practical application for your client base.  If you’re looking to learn more information about how to improve upon coaching techniques and approach, tap into the online resources provided by ASFA's website which offers the latest in fitness research.

Indoor Cycling Instruction Certification

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