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ASFA® Certifications

The American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA®) is a leading resource for experienced fitness professionals seeking continuing education opportunities with top fitness certifications.

Through a variety of online tests, ASFA® can help personal trainers tap into cutting-edge niche markets designed to boost their marketing potential and earning power.

ASFA® continually works to update and expand its certification offerings to encompass the latest trends in the fitness industry. Certifications include sport specific training, kickboxing, cycling, water aerobics, senior fitness, childhood obesity and much more.

With ASFA’s portfolio-building certifications and business-building packages, it is easier than ever for trainers to demonstrate to clients the expertise they have developed through years of experience. 

ASFA® is affiliated with, where clients can enjoy discounts on fitness website development. Human Kinetics works with ASFA® to help provide customers with the high-quality educational materials they need. Healthcare Providers Service Organization has partnered with ASFA® to offer clients professional liability insurance. And PhysicalTherapistSites has joined ASFA® to offer specialized websites for clients seeking to market their services more effectively. 

ASFA® tests are risk-free and available online for as low as $99 at 70% is required for certification, and you only pay if you pass. ASFA® also includes in its testing sites recommended resources for study.

Professional fitness trainers worldwide are earning the competitive edge they need to grow their careers with continuing education certifications addressing the latest fitness trends through the American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA®). Visit ASFA® at

ASFA® Certifications
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