5 Yoga Stretching Tips

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Yoga stretches can help with relaxation and meditation. Yoga practice can also increase flexibility and aid in building lean muscle mass. The following tips can be incorporated into your yoga routine to help you get the maximum benefits from your yoga workouts.

1. Maintain good yoga posture! Having good posture ensures that you are doing the yoga poses correctly. Making sure that you keep good form can help prevent straining of the muscles, thus preventing injury.

2. Remember to breathe! Breathing is a big part of yoga stretching. Controlling your breath and easing into the stretches will help you get into some of the deeper stretches. Concentrating on your yoga breaths will also help you to relax and will be beneficial when trying to get into some of the more advanced poses and stretches.

3. Don’t force a deep stretch! Gaining flexibility through yoga takes time and practicing yoga consistently will aid in increasing your flexibility goals faster. Never hyper extend any muscle or over stretch. You could strain or tear a muscle. Continue to practice those deeper stretches and with time, you will be able to do those more advanced poses.

4. Invest in a good mat. Having a good yoga mat will help provide support to your body and will help you focus when you perform your yoga moves. A yoga mat should be firm enough to have a steady pose, yet have enough cushiony feel to alleviate the stress of the hard flooring from your back and spine. 

5. Focus on the moment! While performing your yoga stretches, use this time to focus on relaxation and mediation. Do not stress over work or an impending busy schedule you have to address after class. This is your time to focus on you and feel renewed with energy and calmness.

Yoga stretching is something you can do anywhere. Whether you are at home, school, work, or a health club, you can perform easy yoga stretches to renew your spirit and to help you transition mentally for a successful and production day. Namaste!

Yoga Certification

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