4 Easy Ways to Be a Better Trainer

Personal Training Certification

Being a better personal trainer in the fitness industry doesn’t have to be difficult.  Here are some new personal trainer tips to help you be better in your career and stand out from the crowd!

1. Create steps to setting fitness goals. When you create a personalized training plan for a client, the end goal can sometimes be overwhelming.  The bigger the goals, the higher levels of anxiety and frustration your client may have in their efforts to stay motivated.  Creating steps helps break it down into smaller and more manageable goals that clients find more attainable on their fitness journey.  Celebrating those steps along the way can help clients stay motivated and determined.

2. Learn some Basic Nutrition 101. We all know that a good diet has positive affects in fitness performance.  A bad diet can prevent you from reaching your fitness goals, no matter how often or how intensely you work out.  Understanding some basic nutrition and being able to pass that knowledge onto your clients can help them stay on track by making better choices that complement their fitness goals.

3. Look at the bigger picture and lifestyle of your client. If your client has a lot of stress at both work and home, adding a rigorous workout plan to their busy day would only add more stress and a sense of failure if they struggle to juggle all of it successfully.  If your client has a high stress job or is having a lot of stress in their personal life, consider cortisol level lowering exercises such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or walking to help reduce the stress and create a balance.  High levels of stress can affect sleep, metabolism, mental and heart health.  Using fitness to break those cycles of stress can play a huge part of helping them reach their personal goals.

4. Look into free continuing education (CE) courses in your area. Continuing education courses are a great way to stay up to date on new fitness trends and to refresh your memory on topics you already know.  The more continuing education classes you have, the better-rounded you will be to help a variety of different clients.  Having extra CE courses will also help you branch out into bigger and better opportunities for your fitness career.

These are some easy ways that you can improve your personal training.  Understanding each person as an individual and helping them create balance will enable them to focus on their training to help reach their fitness goals faster.

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Personal Training Certification

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