Fat Consequences in Children

Youth Fitness Instruction Certification

As childhood obesity is on the rise, some studies suggest that almost 45% of childhood diabetes is now type 2. The prolonged consequences of the child obesity problem are examined and discussed by Mark Kimathi, in his article: Fat Consequences in Children

The following is an excerpt:

"As the world battles with an epidemic that is proving difficult to 
manage and showing signs of becoming a costly affair, our children are getting
caught in the cross fire. Adult onset diabetes, weight loss surgery and weight
loss medication for children is not exactly what parent had in mind when
planning for their posterity."

An article by Kids Health highlights some report that shows that as many as 45% of U.S children newly diagnosed with diabetes have Type 2. One of the main
causes is pointing towards obesity in children and teens.

Type 2 diabetes was formally considered to occur exclusively in adults hence its previous long time name Adult Onset Diabetes, as opposed to Type 1 diabetes
which was referred to as Juvenile Diabetes.”

As obesity rates rise, some of the most affected are children.  ASFA® offers niche marketing and continuing education credits helping your attain and keep the qualifications required to help tackle this problem.  Specialize in youth fitness with ASFA's youth fitness instructor certification.
Youth Fitness Instruction Certification


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