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 Master Personal Training Certification

Nothing brings more credibility to your abilities than the title of “Master Trainer”. With the expertise you attain as an ASFA® certified Master Personal Trainer, you could be able to increase your client base by 10 to 20 percent or more! As an ASFA® “Master Trainer” you will be able to submit blogs and fitness articles to ASFA® for publication. Imagine the look on your clients faces when you tell them you write nationally published articles! How many more clients will you be able to book when it’s known that you are an ASFA® “Master Trainer”? The “Master Trainer” certification is a must have for any experienced trainer ready to take the next step in their fitness career!

One of best ways to advance your fitness career is to find a niche market. ASFA® has created many niche market certifications to help you differentiate yourself from all the other trainers at the gym. Take ASFA® Golf Specific Training for example. How many golfers do think there are in your gym that would love to add a few yards to their drive? Childhood obesity is a growing problem in America. Why not expand your knowledge with ASFA's Youth Fitness Training Certification?

Seniors are the fastest growing demographic joining gyms today. They want to improve their quality of life and you can answer that demand as an ASFA® Senior Fitness Instruction Certification. These are just a few of the ways ASFA® is striving to improve your bottom line by helping to make you more marketable.

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