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ASFA’s Sport Specific Training Certification helps meet the continuing education needs of experienced fitness professionals seeking to draw clients interested in a wide variety of sport specific training options. This Sport Specific Training Certification covers a diverse collection of sport specific knowledge and information, helping to put the latest expertise in sport specific training at the fitness professional’s fingertips.

Sport specific training addresses different types of movement and sport preparation, program considerations, nutrition and logistics. The Sport Specific Training Certification showcases a fitness trainer's commitment to achieving excellence in their field — and for helping clients to achieve the greatest possible results.

Becoming a Sport Specific trainer allows fitness professionals to emphasize a variety of sports training techniques that utilize methods for sport performance improvement. Ranging from power lifting and boxing to endurance running and baseball, Sport Specific Training is a great way to make a difference through enhancing your client's athletic performance.

A Sport Specific Training Certification from ASFA® can help the experienced fitness professional expand their career through:

  • Ability to utilize of a diverse collection of sport specific techniques 
  • Increased understanding of sport specific, key areas such as nutrition and physiological considerations
  • Strengthened knowledge base specializing in sport-specific preparation
  • Demonstrated expertise in sport-specific training exercises

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