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ASFA’s Self-Defense Instruction Certification provides the experienced fitness professional with an extremely useful and highly desirable continuing education option.  ASFA's Self-Defense Instruction Certification maintains a high focus on simple, effective self-defense strategies for men and women alike — and incorporates self-defense theory into the client's workout regimen.

The Self-Defense Instruction Certification tests the fitness trainer’s expertise in self-defense fitness and awareness.  The Self-Defense Instructor Certification provides a continuing education option for fitness trainers to showcase their expertise in minimal-impact but highly effective self-defense strategies, naturally complimenting the client’s fitness program.

ASFA’s Self-Defense Instruction Certification provides a practical addition to clients’ workout regimens, allowing them to use the strength and flexibility they have worked so hard for to their advantage when it is most needed. The wide application potential makes the Self-Defense Instruction Certification an essential continuing education choice.

A Self-Defense Instruction Certification from ASFA® can help the experienced fitness professional expand their career through:

  • Increased knowledge of fitness related self-defense considerations
  • Demonstrated continuing education expertise in self-defense fitness
  • Ability to tailor workouts for those clients interested in training for self-defense
  • Enhanced specialization in fitness for self-defense related concerns

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