"As a CPR certification provider, MyCPR NOW™ endorses ASFA's mission of providing high-quality fitness specialty certifications. MyCPR NOW™ has partnered with ASFA® to provide fitness professionals with the opportunity to take their CPR certification online. Through our partnership, all ASFA® members are entitled to a 40% discount off any CPR and First Aid certification purchases through MyCPR NOW!" Use Discount Code:  ASFA40

Human Kinetics

“Human Kinetics is proud to work with the American Sports and Fitness Association® to help achieve the mission of conveniently providing high quality educational materials to ASFA® members to help them grow and prosper as fitness professionals.”

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"Healthcare Providers Service Organization and American Sports and Fitness Association® have partnered together to bring an added benefit to ASFA® members. ASFA® has chosen HPSO as its official provider of professional liability insurance to its members. Known for their exceptional client service and comprehensive coverage, HPSO has been providing professional liability coverage to healthcare professionals for over 25 years. Before renewing your current policy, please consider reviewing the HPSO program to get the peace of mind that comes along with having your own individual professional liability program."

"PhysicalTherapistSites has partnered with ASFA® and specializes in creating websites that are professional, affordable, and effective. All you pay is a monthly hosting fee of $59/month with no long-term contracts. They deliver credit card processing, appointment requests, search engine optimization, and more — it's all included! Attracting new clients and generating more revenue is easy with PhysicalTherapistSites! If you don't have a website for your personal training business, consider this as a cost-effective way to promote yourself online and gain greater credibility.
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Oneshoo/ASFA® Endorsement

"Oneshoo recognizes and appreciates the need for fitness professionals to keep their credentials up to date and expand their repertoire, so that clients can benefit even more from their chosen fitpro, and the fitpro can appeal to more clients - it is an essential part of the fitness industry in modern times and benefits all. That's why Oneshoo recommends the leading online provider of continuing professional development certifications: American Sports & Fitness Association® (ASFA®). ASFA® provides online certifications in many fitness industry categories, including Sports Training, Personal Training and speciality qualifications. ASFA's motto, 'The online resource for fitness professionals' is all you need to know to get a certification when it suits you, and you only pay if you pass - now we at Oneshoo echo that sentiment!"

 WorkoutTemps Endorsements ASFA®

"WorkoutTemps serves companies of all sizes nationwide with onsite specialty fitness and dance instructors throughout the U.S mainland and Hawaii. WorkoutTemps has partnered with ASFA® to assist our second-to-none instructors in continuing to grow and excel in the fitness and wellness industry. 

As a fitness certification and personal trainer certification agency, ASFA® provides fitness professionals with specialty qualifications to enable and empower Workouttemps fitness professionals to share the power of fitness and wellness transforming lives for the better.”

No Junk Food Zone Endorsement of ASFA®

"No Junk Food Zone, LLC is pleased to have partnered up with the leading online provider of continuing professional development certifications: American Sports & Fitness Association®. ASFA® is our company of choice when our wellness staff need personal training and continuing education certifications, as well as quality educational materials.

Through their partner affiliation, new certification offerings, updated manuals and more, ASFA® strives to provide the best possible experience for their customers. The convenience of completing everything online, makes the certification process so much easier. The added bonus: their process is risk-free! You only pay if you pass!"

 CE for Therapy Endorsement of ASFA®

"Sharing a commitment to health, wellness, fitness resources and information, ASFA® and CE for Therapy have partnered to inform and inspire others to lead full and healthy lives." 


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