Your Fitness Career Roadmap

All personal trainers with fitness careers in the gym and a fitness business have to get certified in personal training. Personal training certification requires study, either at home or in a classroom, and then passing the certification exam at the end of the study program. During this training, you will learn all about fitness and muscle exercise anatomy. You will be given tools to learn and guided study programs to follow helping you connect with others that are studying for a fitness career as well. You may even be able to obtain practice exams so you can make yourself more comfortable with the exam process. Some fitness careers require the trainers to be CPR and AED certified as well before being eligible to take the exam. You will have to look up the requirements for the specific certifications that you want to acquire to make sure you have met all of your requirements. After you complete and pass your personal training certification exam, you are certified and ready to start building your fitness career!

This is where the roadmap for fitness careers may vary. If you want to be in a specific area of fitness or be able to help people with disabilities, you will need to continue your education to get certified in other specialized areas of interest. If you want to train remotely and do health coaching, you will need to build your website and create a marketing plan using social media to help build up your clientele. If you plan to work at a gym or health club, you will need to create your resume and start interviewing for positions that are available in your area. Trainer salaries vary as well depending on how many certifications you have, how much experience you have, and how many hours you are able to work.

Knowing what you want to achieve career-wise, can help you build a personalized roadmap to success for your new career in fitness. So what are you waiting for? Click below to get started today! 

Personal Trainer Certification



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