Yoga Instruction Certification: Teaching for Life

The Fascinating World of Yoga: How to Improve your Client’s Quality of Life

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is an immensely popular activity for both fitness and well-being. This movement based activity has several benefits both to the mind and body. It can help improve your breathing, stretching, and flexibility. Additionally, it can also help tone your muscles, and   strengthen your joints. As a relaxing and therapeutic practice, Yoga is also beneficial for your inner peace and can help to relieve stress and anxiety. This extremely popular activity is a great area of fitness to expand into and the benefits you stand to gain as a personal fitness instructor are many.

ASFA® provides a Yoga instruction certification at an affordable price that is convenient to you. This online course can be undertaken from your own home providing you have an internet connection and PC or Laptop. During this qualification, you will study the art of Yoga and learn the different stretching techniques involved. Such techniques include the Shavasana, the Vajrasana and the Bhujangasana, each of which helps develop different muscle groups.   Furthermore, you will learn how Yoga is beneficial to the human body, and how you can create a session that is both engaging and rewarding. Not only will this ASFA® certification benefit your clients, it will also give you a better quality of life and career progression.

ASFA’s Yoga instruction certification can be taken to provide you with an additional skill-set to your personal fitness instruction. You will be able to offer separate yoga classes to your clients, or add in Yoga warm-ups to your existing routines--the possibilities are many. Either way, you are sure to see an increase in business and clients due to your continued education in Yoga.

Yoga Instruction Certification

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