Yoga Fusion: What Is It?

Yoga fusion combines yoga-styled workouts with other forms of exercise. There are no limits to what you can mix yoga with. Popular combinations include yoga being mixed with Pilates, strength training, running, martial arts fitness, or dance aerobics fitness. The purpose of blending or fusing yoga with another type of fitness is to utilize more muscles and burn more calories than yoga alone. Yoga fusion can make traditional group classes more challenging and interesting. 

Yoga blended with Pilates helps increase flexibility and core strength.  Abdominal muscles get an extra challenge having to support the body through both styles of workouts. Ab balls can also be brought into the workout to strengthen your core and add additional challenges to your workout.  Trainers like the creativity that yoga fusion gives them in creating fun classes that are unique and different from other traditional yoga styled group fitness classes.

Yoga blended with strength training can help tone up, build lean muscle, and keep you limber from the yoga stretching. There might be 10 strength exercises that a trainer may choose to incorporate into their class and blend with yoga to keep the class flowing and challenging. Some fitness trainers may choose to work only a few strength exercises to blend and perform higher numbered repetitions of those exercises. Each trainer will personalize their class to their own style and liking. 

When yoga is blended with a high impact exercise such as martial arts fitness or running, the yoga portion can be done first to warm up your muscles or after to stretch you out and promote healthy active recovery. If you have ever wanted to learn about kickboxing, trying a yoga fusion class that is blended with martial arts fitness would be a fun combination that provides a great introduction to kickboxing. Yoga blended with running is also a great option for new runners. The run time is shorter since it is blended with yoga and the stretching can help prevent the buildup of lactic acid, which is what makes you sore. Many runners do not take the time to stretch before or after like they should. Participating in a yoga fusion class blended with running helps with accountability to get your stretching in. 

Yoga fusion is a popular fitness trend right now. It provides a great combination of different styled exercises and fitness trends for the perfect blended workout. Burning more calories than yoga alone, yoga fusion can help you burn more calories and build aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Challenge yourself today and try a yoga fusion class near you!

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