What Is Hypertrophy?

Hypertrophy refers to the growth of muscle tissue and fibers through the process of weight training and using heavier weights. Hypertrophy based workouts will be used by trainers for clients who are training for a bodybuilding event or those who require large muscle gains for sports performance.

A mobile personal trainer or gym trainer can help you with muscle growth specific workouts. The preacher dumbbell curl and bicep preacher curls are examples of how to build muscle fibers using weight training. Kettlebell circuit workout programs can be used as well to build strength and power.  Kettlebell chest exercises are just as effective as using a weighted barbell or dumbbells for strength training. There are many different variations of each exercise. A personal trainer can help demonstrate how to perform each move safely. A trainer can also show you how to modify each exercise to help you adapt if you have an injury or are in physical therapy. If you work with a trainer regularly, they will also be able to help you track your growth. What was once a challenging weight to work with will one day be too light when you continue your dedication of building muscle fibers.  

Building hypertrophy in the lower body is done the same way. You need to use resistance or weights to help add challenge to your muscles. Squats and lunges can be made harder simply by holding a bar or dumbbells in your hands. You can use a box step to add resistance as you step up and build strength.  

Remember that during periods of hypertrophy, or muscular growth, you will need to add more weight training and less cardio training.Too much cardio can break down your muscle fibers that you just built up.You will also need to focus on nutrition and take in a little extra calories and increase the protein in your diet to support new muscle growth and repair.

Hypertrophy training, or the building of bigger muscles and strength, can be performed at a home gym or regular gym. Dumbbells are an easy addition if you are working out from home. At the gym, you have weight machines in addition to free weights to use. Always practice good form with heavy weights to prevent injury or overstraining of the tissues. A personal trainer is a great resource to get you started in the right direction for overall growth of muscles.

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