What Does a Health & Wellness Coach Do?

Health and wellness coaches can help you by providing a more holistic approach to your personal training plan. Most physical trainer education includes working out to burn calories and a well-balanced diet approach to support the workout exercise programs. A health and wellness coach looks at the bigger picture to see what improvements can be made to daily life to help support the fitness and diet plans. Their personal training software may track other factors such as sleep patterns, stress levels, type of job, level of family support, and other resources available to the client to help the client determine the best type of approach to get the results they want. High levels of stress cause the body to create cortisol and cortisol can have negative effects on metabolism, energy, and the body’s ability to maintain a healthy BMI. If these other factors were not considered, simply working out more or restricting more calories would not help the client but would further hinder the client from reaching their goals. 

Health and wellness coaches fall under the umbrella of physical fitness careers because some of the services they offer or support overlap with what a personal trainer can do. Health and wellness coaches are perfect for individuals who have been away from a regular fitness program for a long time and need to ease back into a new routine. They can also help support personal weight loss coaches giving a holistic approach to weight loss and helping the client make changes across different aspects of their life that can help put them on a path to success. No person is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating a workout or wellness plan to improve overall health and fitness. Health and wellness coaches improve upon the foundation of basic personal training for complete personal wellness that supports a healthy lifestyle and provides coaching on making new healthier choices to support your path to success. 

Health and wellness coaches can work in a variety of different settings. Someone with certification in health and wellness coaching can work at a school, at a doctor’s office, at personal wellness clinics and health spas, or even have their own consulting business that could provide in-person coaching and virtual coaching online. Having a more holistic overview of health and fitness is what makes health and wellness coaches stand out from other professionals in the same field. If personal training in a gym has not given you the results that you want or if you feel that you have plateaued in your personal fitness journey, consider working with a health and wellness coach to see if there are other aspects in your life that might be hindering your goals or blocking your path to success. Healthy choices and healthy lifestyles have been proven for long term success of personal health and wellness. Learn how you can make small changes in your life today for big rewards tomorrow with health and wellness coaches

Health & Wellness Coach Certification

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