Water Aerobics: Low-Impact Fun in the Sun

Water aerobics  is a fun and low-impact exercise to help you get fit. Due to the low-impact nature of the moves, water aerobics is a great activity for all age groups including senior citizens. It is also a great choice for all fitness levels, even individuals that are currently in physical therapy or recovering from an injury.

Water aerobics is a big benefit to offer clients for those in the fitness business. Not only can you get a great workout doing water aerobics, the calmness of being in a pool can also help to decrease stress and lower cortisol levels. Studies have shown that decreasing cortisol levels can help improve sleep, help regulate hormones, help prevent weight gain, and naturally lower blood pressure. 

You do not have to be super athletic to benefit from a water aerobics class. Clients also love the encouraging atmosphere of the class. It’s a non-judgmental fitness class. Since you are in the water, you have more privacy, and nobody is able to see what exercises you can or cannot do. The moves are also taught with modifications as needed. Everyone works at their own pace to achieve their own personal goals. Even the oldest of clients can achieve benefits by just being there and having the opportunity to socialize and exercise without the fear of falling or getting hurt.

Water aerobics  does not require any personal trainer equipment. You just need a pool to get your workout in. The water creates a natural resistance for light strength training that uses your own body weight for toning. There are water aerobics bars and balls that can be added into your fitness routine to make the moves more challenging, but they are not necessary to have a fun and low-impact workout. 

Low-impact workouts, such as water aerobics, are great for athletes recovering from or suffering from common knee pain or tight hip flexors.The pool provides a weightless environment that does not place extra stress on those joints. Body weight is redistributed due to the water. It is a perfect opportunity to continue strengthen those joints and prevent loss of muscle tone while recovering from injury.

Water aerobics provides a low-impact workout that is enjoyable for all ages and fitness levels.  It provides a calming atmosphere to destress and focus on your personal fitness goals without fear of falling or over straining. 

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