Triathlon Fitness Instruction: Are You Up For The Challenge?

ASFA's Triathlon fitness instruction is the perfect challenge when you are ready to take your workouts to the next level. Triathletes must train intensely for three different sports; swimming, biking, and running, in order to be competitive. 

Triathlon fitness certifications can get you more specialized clients in a specific area of interest when looking at fitness personal trainer jobs. Triathlon clients have taken their workouts to the next level for competition. They need specific instruction in strength training techniques to strengthen their swimming, biking, and running. Triathlon instructors take on the challenge to help their clients build speed, strength, agility, endurance, and sportsmanship.

Kettlebell strength workouts can be used to help build core strength and power. This can be especially useful for the endurance portions of triathlon training. A strong core helps your body to stay in good alignment while working out, helping to prevent injury. When you push yourself to the limit, a weak core can cause you to lose proper form. Improper form can lead to injury and can slow down recovery time between workouts. A triathlon instructor can help demonstrate kettlebell exercises that would be beneficial for training. Kettlebell bootcamp classes are also a great opportunity to learn the basics and help build endurance.

It is important to have a personal fitness professional that is knowledgeable in the field that you want to compete in. One of the benefits of personal trainers is the accountability for the workouts and to make sure your training is done with purpose to help you reach your goals. If you train every day but do the wrong type of training, it will not help you reach your personal fitness goals. A triathlon fitness instructor can also help you with the mental training that comes along with the physical training. Having your mind in the game and training with focus will help pave the road to success. 

When you are ready to take on a new challenge, invest in triathlon fitness instruction. You will be challenged both physically and mentally as you strive to reach new fitness personal goals in swimming, biking, and running!

Triathlon Fitness Instruction Certification

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