The Benefits of a Cycling Class--Low-Impact Intensity

There are several obvious benefits of cycling classes. Indoor and outdoor cycling can help build leg and core strength, coordination and cardiovascular conditioning. But, where is the benefit that you can’t gain in other activities such as running? The answer is simple. Cycling classes are one of the few activities that can provide for you an extremely intense workout with a low-impact exercise method.

Most intense workouts are high-impact. Think about the impact on your joints of plyometrics, slamball training, hammer swings, etc. Then, think about the typical intensity of lower-impact methods of fitness like water aerobics. The reason that cycling is so popular is because it can provide an intense heart pounding workout; while at the same time, be easy on your joints (compared to higher impact workouts).

You never have to impact the ground when cycling. Also, you can adjust your intensity easily (flywheel for indoor cycling, speed and gear changes with outdoor cycling). This kind of versatility allows fitness instructors to teach clients of most fitness levels. From the most athletic to senior citizens, cycling workouts can be tailored to the correct intensity level with minimal joint impact.

As you can see, cycling workouts are a great way to service clients of almost all ages and fitness levels. You can learn more by starting your Cycling Instruction certification today!

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