Stretching Certification: Different Methods

Whether you are looking for PNF stretching, Active Isolated Stretching, Dynamic movement stretching, Static or Passive stretching - we have you covered!

 ASFA® offers a Stretching and Flexibility Certification for fitness professionals who are interested in learning how to make their clients more limber.  Of course, each client is different.  Some clients might respond best to PNF stretching. Other clients might need static stretching.  Ever other still might need dynamic stretching.  

Part of ASFA's Stretching and Flexibility Certification exam is identifying which stretches are right for which populations.  Just like resistance workouts are individual, so are stretching workouts.  So, don't limit yourself!  Learn the different methods of stretching and apply them to the populations and clients that can benefit most from them.  

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Stretching and Flexibility Certification

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