Sport Specific Training Certification: The Next Step for a Personal Trainer

Would you like to train athletes and sports professionals? Do you think you have what it takes to help improve their fitness, performance and make them competition ready? Do you enjoy sports and sport-based training? If so, you should seriously consider a new venture in the world of Sport-specific fitness training. This type of fitness activity directly helps athletes improve their performance in the chosen sport they compete in. You could help them reach their full potential and compete at the highest level.

Sport-specific fitness involves training certain aspects of a person’s body and muscle groups to emulate different sporting activities with the aim of improving their ability. For example, a soccer player could perform leg exercises and shuttle runs to improve his/her sprinting speed. Or a swimmer could use weights (in specific movements) to improve their shoulder and arm strength to help with their swimming strokes. Specificity and repetition are key to this type of fitness to help muscle memory and to build up strength etc.

ASFA® offers a Sport-specific training certification that will give you a push into this area of fitness. You will study the benefits of sport-specific training, and how you can help athletes improve their performance. You will learn about dexterity, speed, quickness, agility, hand-eye and hand-foot coordination drills, etc.

Sport-specific training will provide you with a new set of challenges and opportunities, but it is a sure-fire way to build your fitness business and take your career to the next level. Whether you are training professional athetes, high school students trying to get a scholarship or armchair quarterbacks… you will know how to improve your client’s game. From professional to recreational, everyone wants to be better at what they do. Shouldn’t you?

Sport Specific Training Certification

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