Speed and Agility Certified! Fast, Faster, Fastest!

Develop vital attributes of sports professionals and athletes--make a true difference to their performance.    

How can you become the fastest and the most agile of competitors? How do you raise your game and perform at the peak of your abilities? How can you gain that extra burst of speed to push past your opponents? These are questions that athletes and sports professionals are faced with. As a fitness instructor, how can you help answer them? A sure-fire way to help this group of sports professionals is by taking the ASFA® Speed and Agility instruction certification. This specialized niche certification will allow you to learn the importance of these two aspects of fitness, and how to improve the performance of athletes.

Speed and Agility have great importance in high-end sports competition. For many different sports, athletes require fantastic agility and the ability to unleash bursts of speed when required. Speed and acceleration can make the difference between winning and losing. Agility can allow you to make more complex moves and compete at a higher level. 

The ASFA® Speed and Agility certification will teach you a myriad of relating skills and techniques. You will have a greater understanding of the importance of an agile body, and how improved speed and acceleration can turn the tide of sporting events. You will also learn how to train speed and agility in a fitness class setting.

This qualification could not be any more convenient and is extremely straightforward to take. You can complete the examination using your Laptop, PC or Smartphone. There is no test center, no time constraints, and no pressured learning environment. To take your career in a new direction and to diversify into in-demand activity, this ASFA® certification is a great choice. You can appeal to a range of sports professionals and enthusiasts, while significantly boosting your skill-set and potential client base.  

Speed and Agility Instruction Certification


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