Speed & Agility Instruction Certification: Quickness for Sports

When studying for personal trainer certification, knowing what you want to specialize in will help you when deciding which personal training certification to get. Sports coaching and performance training will require speed and agility instruction to achieve the maximum quickness for sports.

Coaching education and coaching courses focus on the benefits of agility training. Workouts to increase speed and agility are highly desired in endurance events and sports performance. Runners and triathletes will use speed and agility drills to quicken their pace and turn over, giving them an overall faster run time. This is especially useful for runners who are trying to obtain a PR, or personal best, at an event. It can also help runners get fast enough to qualify for other events, such as marathoners trying to qualify for the coveted entry into the Boston Marathon.

Plyometrics are great power moves that can aid with speed and agility. It challenges the muscles to work harder and differently than traditional training and enables the athlete to have more power when they execute their workout. Plyometrics involve high impact jumping to engage power training moves. Some examples of plyometric moves include jumping rope, hopping, skipping, jump squats and broad jumps. Other moves such as shuffles, jumping jacks, jump lunges, and burpees also fall into this category to boost muscle power.

Speed and agility instruction can also improve coordination making you more stable and less likely to fall during your regular daily activities. It helps strengthen the muscular tissue around the joints that helps to protect those joints making you less prone to injury.

A certification in speed and agility helps to ensure that you learn how to do the moves correctly and how to make modifications for the exercises to better assist all types and ages of athletes. Doing the moves correctly is the best way to gain the maximum benefit from the routine. Doing them with poor form or posture may increase your risk of injury, doing the complete opposite of what you intended to do.

Quicken your step and add some pep into your fitness with a speed and agility instruction certification!

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