Setting and Keeping Realistic Fitness Goals

Setting goals can be a great way to help prioritize your workouts and to help give purpose to your exercise routines. Keeping those goals can sometimes be difficult when life gets busy. The method in which you set your goals should have enough flexibility that your goals can be incorporated into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

Sitting down with fitness and health management at your local gym can be the start of realistic goal setting. They can help you identify what you want to achieve and connect you to trainers that can help keep you motivated. A good sport and fitness management team will be able to pair you up with the best personal trainer qualification for your individual needs. The type of certification a trainer has can be just as important as their personality. If you are interested purely in speed and power, a trainer with speed instruction certification would be your best match. Getting a great match can help you achieve your fitness goals faster and make the journey more enjoyable.

Being realistic about your goals is another key to success in your fitness journey. Many individuals will set the bar too high for themselves by creating an unrealistic goal that is nearly impossible to reach.  This sets them up for failure as they get discouraged and quit before their goal was ever reached.  Instead of making the desired result the short-term goal, make it your long-term goal and create smaller more attainable goals that you can celebrate along the personal journey to your bigger goal. 

Log your workouts and take pictures. This has always been encouraging for individuals who feel like they have not made much progress after months of training. Look back at those first logs and pictures to see how much you have progressed! You will be amazed at how much stronger you are or how much longer you can do a cardio session on the treadmill compared to your first workout. 

Stay with it and celebrate those milestones.  Everyone started somewhere at some point along their fitness journey. Read the personal training certification reviews and find a certified personal trainer (CPT) that you feel would be most compatible to your needs. Having someone hold you accountable for getting in your workout and staying on top of your training plan will be your biggest asset on the road to success!

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