Senior Fitness: Training for Quality of Life

Senior citizen fitness can greatly improve the quality of life for many aging individuals. Simple exercises for seniors can help improve muscle tone, prevent aches and pains in the joints, improve mobility, and also give a greater sense of well-being. A geriatric exercise specialist can help you create a program that is customized to what your personal goals are and tailored to match the fitness level that you are at.

Exercises for elderly adults differ from the traditional workouts that everyone else does. In our reproductive years, we tend to focus on building strength and stamina while improving muscle tone. In our senior years, the focus shifts to maintaining muscle tone, protecting the joints, and to be comfortably mobile enough to continue living independently.

One of the best workouts for older adults aquatic exercise. You can do water aerobics if you prefer a group setting class. Swimming and walking laps while in the pool are all ways to stay in shape and not lose stamina. You do not need a pool at home to enjoy the benefits of having a pool. Many health clubs have large public pools for you to use.

Functional fitness is a big component to preventing injury in fit senior citizens. As we age, we tend to lose our balance more and falling is a big hazard among our aging population. Our bones become more brittle as we age, leaving us with a greater risk of having osteoporosis. Weight training, even with light weights, can help reverse this. Weight training helps to build muscle and tissue around the joint so that it stays protected. Weight training can also help to build bone mass, keeping our bones healthy.

If you have ever wondered how to become a fitness instructor for seniors, the process is almost identical to a regular group training certification. You would still be required to have a certification to teach or coach. Senior Fitness is a specialty certificate that enhances the workout. The specialty certificates are great to have so you can learn which exercises are best for your senior clientele and also learn modifications that can be made.

You, too, can be a senior and fit! Celebrating the gift of fitness is something to be celebrated each today. Remember to use light weights if you choose to use any at all. The idea is to condition and protect the joints. Squeezing in fitness is easier than over. Walk a dog, take a log walk with family or the dogs.

To become a Certified Senior Fitness Instructor, just click the link below!

Senior Fitness Certification  



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