Senior Fitness & Balance Training

Fitness and balance continue to be important as we age. Senior citizens need special care in their fitness routines that aid them in greater functionality, keeping them healthy and independent. Senior citizens are more likely to fall as balance declines through the aging process. Regular exercise can help slow down that aging process and improve quality of life.

Balance instruction for senior citizens can improve coordination and reduce the risk of falling. Functional training exercises can help seniors focus on balance to improve the quality and longevity of their life. Seniors often have a less active lifestyle than they did in their younger years. Muscle atrophy is a common complaint among seniors. Resistance training and functional training can help improve muscle strength, size, and coordination. Senior fitness instructors can use a variety of methods to help improve muscular strength. From chair exercises, to light weights, yoga and walking, there are a variety of ways to help seniors get a balanced fitness routine to improve fitness.  

Regular exercise can help seniors stay independent in their elderly years. Remaining independent is something that everyone strives for. These are their golden years.  Keeping them healthy through exercise will help them enjoy those freedoms for many more years to come.

Senior fitness and balance instructors are in high demand as another generation of Americans reach their retirement years. There are many obvious positive effects of having a healthy and active lifestyle. Keeping our seniors fit and active will keep them independent, will reduce muscle atrophy and will help increase mobility. Contact a local fitness instructor to create a special functional training plan for your loved ones. The gift of fitness and independence is priceless.  

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