Self-Defense Instructor Certification: Safety & Fitness

When you think safety, you probably aren't also thinking fitness.  But, on second thought, what good is knowing safety techniques if you can't apply them?  Sure, situational awareness, correct state of mind and good safety habits can be learned.  But, what happens if an altercation occurs?  What happens when you have to put what you have learned into a physical application?  Can you do it?  Even if your mindset is right, do you have the speed, power and coordination to strike and evade correctly?

At ASFA® we understand that self-defense is as much mental as physical.  But, physical is still half of the battle!  So, learning the technique itself isn't good enough.  You have to be instructed on which exercises improve speed and power and increase your defensive efficiency.  Fitness and safety do go hand in hand.  And, if you are a personal trainer who is interested in self-defense, or a martial arts instructor who is interested in fitness instruction - you know that fitness is an essential component of any physical altercation.  If not, it wouldn't be called a "physical" altercation!

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Self Defense Instructor Certification

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