Self-Defense Instruction: Instruction Everyone Needs

Security self-defense training is instruction that everyone needs to learn for personal safety, not just fitness. Simple self-defense techniques can help improve coordination, stability, confidence, and a greater sense of well being.

Self-defense classes for women have become popular in health clubs as many exercisers will take their workouts outside. Runners are one of the biggest groups that stress defense training. Especially during times of marathon training, long runs start earlier and often while still dark outside. Many women run alone so safety is a big concern. While many groups practice “safety in numbers”, self-defense moves can still safe lives.

Ladies self-defense classes can also boost confidence that carry over past classroom instruction. Boosting confidence can also create feelings of greater well being and higher productivity at work. It can lower depression too, as many fitness activities can. It helps to break down anxiety providing a more relaxed atmosphere in the office.

Female self-defense is slightly different than traditional karate or other self-defense classes. Women’s self-defense class focuses more on real life possible situations and teaches you how to diffuse them and/or escape them. It helps to teach you how to be more aware of your surroundings and to trust you intuition. You need to focus on your safety above the feelings of anyone else. If you are not comfortable in a situation, you need to leave.

Learning self-defense instruction is not difficult to do. Any fitness instructor with a karate background or certification in self-defense/training can teach you simple blocks and techniques. You need to practice them so that they become second nature. You want the moves drilled into your head so many times that when an emergency situation happens, you will not exactly what to do without hesitation. Confidence in itself can help to protect you.

Karate and self-defense are similar. Whereas karate is discipline, self-defense is more life like situations and how to deal with them. Men and women alike should learn self-defense instruction, for increased focus, control, in addition to protection.

Self Defense Instructor Certification

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