PNF Stretching for Performance

PNF stands for Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.  PNF stretching can help you gain flexibility and improve your range of motion, increasing your output during training and decreasing your risk of injury.  If you own or manage a home fitness business, PNF stretching is one type of stretching that you can help assist clients with to improve their overall personal fitness and wellness.

PNF stretching is also known as isotonic stretching or contract-relax stretching.  This method allows the client to get into a deeper stretch with the assistance of a trainer.  Instead of a simple basic stretch, the trainer will apply resistance to the muscle being stretched while the client engages the muscle for a short duration of time.  The client will then relax their muscle and the trainer will have a larger range of muscle movement in that area to manually assist the client into a deeper stretch.  This is especially beneficial for anyone who is prone to sports injury, such as distance runners and endurance athletes.  Runners often struggle with tight hip flexors which can often lead to bad form to compensate for the tightness and then injury occurs.  PNF stretching can help keep the hip flexors limber with increased mobility to decrease sports injury and chronic aches and pains.  When you study how to become a better personal trainer, decreasing sports injury and increasing recovery time will be important subjects to address with clients and athletes. 

Holistic health course programs compliment PNF stretching techniques and can be utilized in a healthy daily personal wellness program.  Stretching helps to improve circulation and can be used during meditation to decrease stress and improve mental wellness.  Any holistic course on wellness should include stretching.  All age groups and fitness levels can benefit from PNF stretching. 

If you are new to PNF stretching, be sure to wait for a personal trainer to show you correct PNF stretching techniques.    Trying to stretch too deeply on your own could result in muscular strain and/or injury.  PNF stretching is also something that couples can do together as you strengthen your bodies and your relationship.  Add PNF stretching to your fitness routine and enjoy the perks of a well stretched body!

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