Personal Trainer Income: Make a Career Change

Taking fitness training courses are the first step in making a career change into the fitness industry. These courses discuss bodybuilding, conditioning, and anatomy. All of these become assets as you complete your fitness instructor training education.

Personal trainer income can vary with the types of personal trainer certification course you take and also the number of hours you choose to work. When you work with a gym, they usually pay you a set price that was agreed upon for your services. When you work independently, you have the freedom to set your own price without having to give up a portion to the gym. Of course your cost needs to be within reason and competitive to gym prices or clients may decide to stick with a general gym trainer. The number of certifications and skill assets you have will depend on your pay scale. The more certifications you have completed, the higher amounts of skills and knowledge you will have to teach with.

In addition to having all of your fitness certifications, the number of hours you choose to work will also determine your personal trainer income. Some trainers are salaried and full time employees of a gym. Other trainers are part time and their actual work hours depend on number of clients that week to train. Being able to be flexible with work and pay make it easy for trainers to make that career change, especially in the beginning when first getting established in the health and fitness field. Since many clients work full time, having a trainer available early morning and late evening after work is a big benefit to them that many are willing to pay extra for.

Many trainers have set up online groups and online training programs to help reach out to clients that are simply too busy to come into a gym, but goal oriented enough to hold themselves accountable for their workouts. Online training can provide direction and guidance along with accountability and encouragement. Online training income is easiest to manage sine it is done online. Many trainers have accounts set up with online payment options that you can simply send your payments electronically to the trainer in exchange for your monthly training plan. Online trainers have to be more accessible via social media so your clients can get in touch with you whenever they need a question answered or words of inspiration and motivation.

Flexible income from personal training makes it easy to change your career to the fitness industry. You can use it as part time extra income or work full time for an agreed upon salary. Some trainers will make clients commit to a specific number of months or sessions to help them plan financially for their business as well. You get to be in control of your new career!

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